Serenity pack parameters

1. The Serenity Pack covers:

As soon as you subscribe to the Serenity Pack:
- Proactive alert management by Lifeaz.
- 3 electrode replacements/year included in case of use.

After 2 years of pack serenity:
- Replacement of expired consumables.

2. Application conditions:

The Serenity Pack applies only if Clark is stored in the correct conditions (5°C - 35°C see user manual).

Use must be validated by Lifeaz through analysis of the defibrillator data in order to benefit from electrode replacement in the event of use.
- In the event of opening “by accident”, customers who have subscribed to the Serenity Pack will still have to pay to replace their electrode pack.

In the event of non-payment, the Serenity Pack will cease to be active 30 days after the last unpaid invoice.